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Welcome to Alunox

The business consists of three aspects; fabrication, components and race exhausts.

High quality, craftsmanship and precision are characteristic of all our manifolds. These are generally manufactured in 304L Stainless Steel which is stable to 600oC but for turbocharger manifolds we prefer 321 Stainless because of its high Nickel content and the presence of Titanium. Correct metal thickness and precision welding ensures that our turbo manifolds resist the fractures typically caused by the higher heat ranges of turbo engines.

Road & Race

Stainless Steel is our metal of choice for road and race vehicles. We can use either 304L or 321 depending on customer requirements. We find that with the correct metal thickness, precision welding and a mutually agreed specification that systems can be optimised.

We produce stainless systems and parts for the following vehicles.

RACECARS: Formula, hillclimb, saloons, sprint, drag, grasstrack, go kart etc.
KITCARS: All makes including home-made.
CLASSIC CARS: Replica systems including individual silencers, manifolds and bends etc.
VINTAGE CARS: We can duplicate any system on any car.
FAST ROAD: Bespoke systems to your design or ours.
– Replica factory systems.
– Track day systems with or without catalytic converter.
– Race systems in various diameters/lengths, matching manifolds etc.
MOTORBIKES: Vintage and current performance models.
MARINE: We also supply the marine industry.

Who Are Alunox?

Alunox Advanced Tube Engineering is committed to provide trustworthy, high quality exhausts, components and fabrication products worldwide.

It does this with professional and commercial honesty and integrity in order to offer customer loyalty with superior customer satisfaction.

Alunox Advanced Tube Engineering is a forward thinking company. It embraces change and innovation positively.

It is constantly updating and re-evaluating to ensure it invests in the latest technology advancements where ever possible.

It values its staff and empowers them by making them responsible for their own output and outcomes. This in turn creates a high morale and encourages motivation and loyalty.

The focus is on team work with good communication and interaction at every opportunity, particularly when problem solving.

The emphasis of the business is it’s commitment to provide quality products to it’s customers and the staff are aware that it is ALWAYS at the forefront of their work.